Cape Cod Fishing Charters for School Bluefin Tuna with Merlin Sportfishing - Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod Sportfishing and Charter Fishing with Merlin Sportfishing


School Bluefin Tuna Fishing & Tuna Tackle (Spreader Bars & Squid Rigs)

 for the offshore waters from Maine to Florida


Merlin Sportfishing - hooking up on these tenacious  little Blue Fin Tunas! This type of fishery has exploded here in New England and Cape Cod over the past five years. Each tuna fishing season gets better and better, especially here on Cape Cod. It is common in one day of tuna fishing to catch tuna from 20 lb class all the way to 200+ lb class fish and all sizes in between. It is absolutely incredible! There is nothing like trying to set your spread out in the morning and not being able to get all your rods out because you keep hooking up on these tenacious little Blue Fin Tuna. We fish 20, 30, and 50 Class reels on custom fishing rods. These rods are custom built for us according to our specifications for stand up fishing and we always have our 70 and 80 Class reels on our custom made rods waiting in case we run into bigger fish. We fish primarily with our own custom spreader bars and squid rigs as shown below.

   Click on tuna tackle to purchase our custom spreader bars made
with the Carlson Bird and either Carlson or Fuku squid.

Please view all of our Squid Rigs - Tuna Trains - Spreader Bars and how to fish them at bluefin tuna fishing

Trolling is the method that we commonly use while fishing for school Blue Fin Tuna. We employ a lot of different baits; squid rigs, green machines, and other hard plastic and rubber lures. Trolled behind birds, these work very well also. We also have two spinning rods set up for short casting at breaking fish around the boat. I cannot recall how many times we have been fighting fish and have had Blue Fins breaking and chasing bait all around us. So grab some friends, family, or business associates and come on a Cape Cod charter fishing trip for this great fishery.

Come fish with the wizard and catch the magic!
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