Fish the Merlin for striped bass, bluefish, cod, shark, and bluefin tuna off the coast of Cape Cod. Head to the canyons for blue marlin, yellowfin and bluefin tuna, white marlin, mahi mahi, albacore, big eye tuna, and large sharks!


Cape Cod Charter Fishing and Offshore Sportfishing Hotspots

Cape Cod Fishing Grounds
Depending on the season and type of fish that we are trying to catch, we travel to several popular fishing grounds both in Nantucket Sound and Offshore.

The Fish
  Albacore Tuna
Also referred to as long-tails. They are easily distinguished by their pectoral fins which extend beyond the anal fin and by their slimmer form. Albacore tuna are the only white meat and is sold in the U.S. as canned tuna.
  Big-Eye Tuna
A stocky body and large eyes identify this tuna. The Big-Eye are normally 16 to 67 inches and can be 75 inches. Most Big-Eye exceed 100 lbs. Big-Eye are known to be strong fighters and are caught on baits set at 100 feet or more usually at night.
  Bluefin Tuna
Bluefin Tuna is the largest member of its family and one of the largest true bony fish. Bluefin have red flesh and are eaten especially in Japan and Tokyo. The Bluefin is compressed and stocky in the front. It is easily distinguished due to its short pectoral fins. Bluefin can grow to 10 feet but are normally found from 16-79 inches and weight between 300-1,500 lbs.
  Yellowfin Tuna
This is the most tropical species in its family. The meat is light in color. Yellowfin are the most colorful. Their back is blue black, fading to silver on lower flanks and belly. There's a golden yellow or iridescent blue stripe running form eye to tail. They are commonly caught under 100 lbs but may grow up to 300 lbs. Max length is 75 inches.
  Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin or Billfish is one of the foremost Big-Game species worldwide. Blue Marlin is known for its exceptional size and strength. They are very aggressive. The pectoral fin is never rigid, even when they are dead. The dorsal fin is high and pointed and its height is less than its greatest body depth. The Blue Marlin is the largest Marlin in the Atlantic Ocean, ranging from 150-400 lbs.
  White Marlin
The White Marlin is the smallest in its family of Billfish. The body is elongated and compressed, and its upper jaw extends to the form of a spear. Its identified by its rounded, rather than pointed, tips of pectoral fins. They usually grow to 8 feet in length.
Also known as Mahi-Mahi is almost identical to the common dolphin coloring and shape. The average size is 20-24 inches and 4-5 lbs. Dolphin are commonly found in tropical seas. They are caught commercially and by anglers and is an excellent food fish.
Swordfish are found worldwide in all tropical, subtropical and temperate seas. A Pelagic species found in waters from shallow to moderate depths Have a back that is greyish blue, brown or mettalic purple. It has dusky sides and an offwhite under belly. It has a flat swordlike upper jaw to stalk prey. Sizes ranging from 40-1190 lbs the average swordfish is 80-250lbs.
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